Changes in the parking area of the Port

Por Alejandro Díaz / 2 de July de 2017

As we informed last month, changes are being made in the area of ​​the Port parking to improve the comfort, security and availability of parking for customers and improve the commercial area of ​​the port. This renovation focuses on layout of parking areas, which will contribute to the exclusivity of parking for customers who have a boat in the port and an improvement in the urban aspect that will help to definitely integrate the port on the promenade in the village of Torredembarra.

It’s dividing the​​ occupation area of the parking into two differentiated ones, the first one composed by the parking located along the east wall, along the main or south wall, frontal to the pontoons, and a part of the parking located at the back of the buildings destinated to the commercial area, and a the second one composed by the rest part back destinated to the commercial area coinciding with the east commercial area. The first area will be destinated to the exclusive use of the customers who pay the annual ticket. The second area will be totally free.

For this distribution will be necessary changes with respect to the accesses and distibution, mainly the entrance and exit of the cars. The back road destinated to the commercial area will charge into a unique sense for both, the free and the customer’s area and we will create a new exit door.

The costumer’s area will be made with an entrance between Bar Picnic and bar Iceberg. For this layout there will be two possible exits, the first will be located next to the entrance , and the second will be located at the back of commercial area.

For any questions, please come to our offices or call 977643234.

Yours sincerely,
Port Torredembarra SA

Flat  1 and Flat 2

Surf has prize

Por Port Torredembarra / 3 de May de 2016

We are pleased to announce that, for the fourth year running, we have reached an agreement this year (2016) with 21 ports in the Catalan Association of Tourist Ports and Marinas (ACPET), which will benefit our users with this free offer.

This agreement entails the option for most users of the ports participating in the scheme to enjoy a free one-night stay at each of the ports in the scheme, which are the following:

The duration of this offer is from 1st April to 31st December 2016


Duration: From 1st April to 31st December 2016

Offer: A total of 20 nights’ mooring (maximum 1 night at each port) free for our members at any of the other ACPET ports taking part in this scheme, except those ports underlined and marked with an asterisk *. In this case, in order to get the one-night-free offer in the months of July and August, the members must pay for the first night, i.e. the minimum stay will be 2 nights: one night paid and the second night free. Should the member wish to stay longer, this will not entitle them to any further free nights.

The free offer is limited to the price of the mooring. Any consumption, fees, services or other charges must be paid for by the member.


The applicant must be the owner of the vessel and the definitive owner of the mooring usage rights or be a direct tenant of the participating marina or yacht club administration, and in all cases, said applicant must be up to date with payments and have valid civil liability insurance.

Bookings must be made no more than 15 days and no less than 72 hours in advance, and shall include the automatic berth occupancy authorisation for the stay.

All bookings must be made through the home port, which shall be responsible for confirming availability. The home port will send a copy of the form to the destination port and give the user a stamped printed form. The user will then sign to show acceptance of these conditions and those specific conditions given in the rules and regulations of use and governance of the receiving port. This form must be handed in on arrival at the destination port in order to benefit from the offer.

No booking will be accepted if it has not been made from the home port of the vessel in question.

Any vessel that has made a booking and does not turn up at the destination port without previously cancelling the booking at least 24 hours in advance shall automatically forfeit any other unused nights that it may have outstanding. Should the member wish to get those outstanding nights back, they must pay the mooring rates of the destination port at their home port (with the former notifying the latter).

Accepted boats: Single-hull boats that are registered in the Lista Séptima (List no. 7 of the Boat Register) and whose length measures between 8 and 18 metres. For catamarans and longer lengths, the offer is much more limited and any interested parties should specifically check with the office at each home port.

This offer is not valid for charter firms.

This offer will be subject to availability and to the characteristics of each port. Any interested parties should check this information prior to booking.

This offer cannot be combined with other offers of the same nature.

The Port reserves the right to cancel this offer without prior notice.

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Por Port Torredembarra / 4 de February de 2016

Port Torredembarra has been the home of a controlled colony of cats since 2005, which has helped us keep a tight rein on the number of rodents that live in natural spaces like ours. To do this, we collaborate with Torrecat, an association dedicated to protecting and controlling the colony of stray cats in the Torredembarra area.

The objectives of this association consist in improving the quality of life of the animals and people living in their environment, preventing uncontrolled proliferation, dirt and inconveniences arising from the natural activities of these stray cats.0f96e5_0b7f1a13bdbe4105b247e591c275704f

For this, they installed a controlled food supply that is replenished on a daily basis and thanks to an agreement with a veterinary, many stray cats are sterilised as and when needed.

Thanks to members and collaborators, during the past year 75 animals have been sterilised, 15 visits were made by the veterinary for miscellaneous treatment, 10 euthanasias were performed to ill animals and 400 kg of cat food have been consumed.

If you are a cat lover, visit their page and become a member. It’s the best way of collaborating with this noble task. You will find the addresses and telephone numbers on the community website.