Changes in the parking area of the Port

Por Alejandro Díaz / 2 de July de 2017

As we informed last month, changes are being made in the area of ​​the Port parking to improve the comfort, security and availability of parking for customers and improve the commercial area of ​​the port. This renovation focuses on layout of parking areas, which will contribute to the exclusivity of parking for customers who have a boat in the port and an improvement in the urban aspect that will help to definitely integrate the port on the promenade in the village of Torredembarra.

It’s dividing the​​ occupation area of the parking into two differentiated ones, the first one composed by the parking located along the east wall, along the main or south wall, frontal to the pontoons, and a part of the parking located at the back of the buildings destinated to the commercial area, and a the second one composed by the rest part back destinated to the commercial area coinciding with the east commercial area. The first area will be destinated to the exclusive use of the customers who pay the annual ticket. The second area will be totally free.

For this distribution will be necessary changes with respect to the accesses and distibution, mainly the entrance and exit of the cars. The back road destinated to the commercial area will charge into a unique sense for both, the free and the customer’s area and we will create a new exit door.

The costumer’s area will be made with an entrance between Bar Picnic and bar Iceberg. For this layout there will be two possible exits, the first will be located next to the entrance , and the second will be located at the back of commercial area.

For any questions, please come to our offices or call 977643234.

Yours sincerely,
Port Torredembarra SA

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